Book Review: Marigny Street by Annie Rose Welch

Note: I got this book as an advance reading copy from Netgalley.

I kinda of read this by mistake. It was advertised as a fantasy book, which is a legitimate genre given it features an angel, but it’s so much more a romance than anything else. And I don’t do well with romance – they make me uncomfortable. Anything more romantic or sexy than J D Robb’s In Death books and I’m cringing in my seat with a bad taste in my mouth.

I have issues, I know, and not just because I LOOOOOOVE the In Death series. Roll on September!

Anyway, this is the story of a character so forgettable that almost immediately I forgot her name and I had to look it up. It’s Evangeline. And that name is pretty unique, so it demonstrates further how forgettable her story is if I blocked that out. Evangeline’s life is a bit of a mess since she lost her son – her marriage is pretty much over, her boss doesn’t really want her there, her family are worried about her absentmindedness and she just wants to sleep. But then she runs into a famous movie star, who saves her from dodgy blood sugar, and they then embark on a carefree, romantic weekend in New Orleans.

I know, right?  Maybe fantasy IS the correct genre.

So Evangeline realises that this man is the love of her life, the one she has been dreaming of since she was a wee girl living with her grandparents in the same house she now lives in alone. So there’s lots of sex, lots of heartfelt conversations and many, many declarations of love (she’s conveniently forgotten she’s married at this point, must be the humidity). Then, Gabriel has to leave and Evangeline has to make the choice to stay, or to go.

From there it gets a little hazy for me to be honest, I was just trying to finish it as fast as I could. Spoilers: Gabriel is actually an angel, sent from the future to make Evangeline realise she CAN actually be happy, despite her crappy life. All she needs is a hot man to give her a good rogering, with the potentially more rogerings in the future. OK, so it didn’t say that, but it may as well have.

Read if you love supernatural romance that’s heavy on the romance, heavy on the man-saves-girl themes, heavy on the ‘i can’t live another breath without you, the scent of your sweat on my skin completes me’ shite that makes me die a little in side. I know I sound jaded and I probably am, there’s tonnes of people who will eat this book up. I’m just very definitely not one of them. Oh and the writing is pretty stock standard and I was rooting for the girl to die of whatever fever she had, because she’s just so damn helpless.





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